The New 52: Month 2 - Week 1

What? Again? Really? Oh for Pete’s sake yes were here again to do this… again. You know the deal and if you don’t really you should check the site. What’s left to say about the new DC? Well, this week we’ve dwindled down the choices from the “buy” pile and we’ll keep doing that until… well I don’t know. Any ways let’s begin.

Huntress #1


What the? A new #1? Yup it looks like DC wasn’t happy enough with it’s awesome sales figures and decide that it needed some mini-series to accompany all of the other 52 choices you have. Here’s my biggest problem with this book… it’s on Earth 2. That’s right, for some reason DC felt that after cleaning up its entire universe that it should screw it all up by making a multiverse. Hey DC… YOU’RE THE ONLY ONES THAT LIKE THE MULTIVERSE! It’s an archaic device that was originally used to incorporate all of the companies DC was purchasing. So why the hell would they intentionally bring it back? Again, the writers who grew up as fan boys of DC for some reason thought that it was a good idea and now we’re all stuck with it. Any ways, this issue was pretty boring. Huntress saves some woman from a sex trade operation that I didn’t feel was believable. Overall the only thing decent about this book is the art.

Score – Pass, not worth the effort and doesn’t do anything of value to the new 52.

Penguin: Pain and Prejudice #1


This is how you do the Penguin. This is basically his origin story and yeah that’s all it really does, but it’s good. I really enjoyed it and it added a level of depth that has always been missing from the character in my opinion. Also they finally cleaned up his criminal organization which always felt really hallow before. The art was pretty unique for a Bat book and I really liked it. It works as a mini-series and hopefully they use this formula and possibly even this team to tackle other Bat-villains.

Score – Buy.

Swamp Thing #2


I liked this, it was interesting still and I like that they brought up the “Red.” It shows that maybe two of the writers had some foresight in mapping out something interesting to underline the world of the DCnU. I also like the ending as it put a little bit of guilt on Alex’s shoulders as he watched a fellow Swamp Thing die in front of him… for him. There’s not much to say about this book other than it was good and worth picking up.

Score – Buy.

Animal Man #2


Another really good book and again it felt strangely connect to Swamp Thing, but this issue introduce a third player in the Red/Green world and that I liked. I liked and enjoyed the layers that were being added and I hope that Stormwatch plays a part in this group as well because that would be really bad ass. Also after talking to Kevin about the book I have to agree that Travel Foreman is knocking this book out of the park. He’s a great artist and he matches Lemire’s writing style perfectly. Hopefully this creative team is in it for the long haul. Since this is another book that went to second print I’m sure you bought so keep buying it.

Score – Buy

Batman: Detective Comics #2


Yeah, that’s what this book is called. Not Detective Comics, but Batman: Detective Comics. Guess what he detects in this issue? Nothing, he has to overhear it told to Jim Gordon. Sadly this is the best Batman book thus far which isn’t saying much other than the fact the rest is just terrible. No Joker in this issue, but he leaves his face behind which I thought was kind of cool. Also the new take on a shitty character was a nice touch and probably the only thing I liked. I just hope that Batman doesn’t become the new Superman and have a huge stock pile of villains that he always defeats. The trick DC is to let the villain win sometimes… ah why do I bother. Any ways, I’m still not sure why this book is called Detective Comics since Batman has yet to detect anything other than reading a police report and snooping on Gordon’s calls. Still I like the villain angle and until it does something to really piss me off it’ll probably be the only Bat book I continue reading.

Score – Buy, I’m still ready to drop this book at a moment’s notice. I haven’t forgotten about naked Joker.

Justice League International #2


I still like this book. I like the new Booster and frankly they’re building him into the key player that everyone seems to want him to be. Guy Gardner can go straight to hell and if he’s not gone by the next issue we’ve got a problem. Otherwise I like the conflict and it seemed like something the team could handle. The group is still a little too chatty and a few of the characters are very one dimensional, but this book has potential of making it on its own without the JL drop ins.

Score – Still a buy!

Stormwatch #2


This issue was a little annoying because everyone was complaining about the leadership the entire time. It got to the point where I just wanted to kill the leader myself and I’m not really sure that’s how I’m supposed to feel. I like the team and Cornell does the group dynamic the way you should, by splitting them up and cutting back and forth between the mini-groups. It gives everyone a chance to develop and speak as natural characters rather than being given dialog so you don’t forget who’s on the team. I hate Midnighters new suit, I can understand changing it up and I’m okay with that, but he looks like he’s into S&M. Also in general everyone is talking too much and needs to shut up and act. Hopefully that’s what happens in the next issue, because otherwise this book is really working for me.

Score – Buy, if this book gets cancelled I blame you.

Red Lanterns #2


Snorefest. Seriously this book was so boring I could barely finish it. Not what I had pictured for a Red Lanterns book. I get that the main character has lost his way and all that, but two issues of it? And it continues into a third… I might just jump back on issue four and pray that something has actually happened. Atrocitus visits a planet with two warring races and one guns down some kids… rage, rage, kill, kill and a whole lot of talking. I spent more time listening to the races talking about the war and their family knowing that A) I would never see them again and B) more than likely they were going to die. The art is still good, but my gut feeling told me that Milligan was the wrong choice for this book and I’m afraid that I’m right.

Score – 50/50, I bought it but can’t say you should. Really it comes down to how much you like Green Lantern.

Batwing #2


Black Lightning gets his hand chopped off and that was pretty cool, but the rest of it was convenient writing and more Batman appearances. Batwing gets stabbed in the chest and is out for two weeks and when he wakes up he’s just in time for “Massacre” and Black Lightning’s battle… Bullshit, pick up the entire pile. Massacre tries to kill an entire police station and basically makes it out Scott-free, but he waits two weeks to fight the guy whose location he’s known since before the police station business? I doesn’t make any sense and really the only part was good was when Batwing showed up, but only because of his narration of the situation. I really enjoyed the art and pray for the day Winick leaves the book. Too bad he usually stays on until DC kicks him off.

Score – Buy, but the next issue could go either way.

Action Comics #2


I actually liked this issue a lot more than the first. It’s clear that Morrison is either taking a cue for JMS’ Earth One: Superman or DC’s forcing a bit of that angle into the book. Lex Luthor is actually pretty cool because they allow him to be a psychopath. I’m kind of digging this new meaner Superman that’s not afraid to kick some teeth in, my only fear is that they’ll make him incredibly strong and smart and basically nothing will be able to stop him again making it just a slugfest which he will always win. Lois is annoying and sucks. If you need more on that then read my review for Superman. Sure she’s not boning anyone in this issue, but there’s evidence of a past with Mr. Mustache and frankly she was once again watered down and not the same bold, beautiful character she once was.

Score – Buy, I think this book will continue getting good but I’m worried about the amount of villains that they’re introducing.

Hey look at that we made it through. You may notice that Green Arrow didn’t make the cut. That first issue may have been worth buying, but there was something about the second issue that just really made me pass. Maybe once they get a real writer on the book I’ll check it out again, but for now… no thank you. More than likely I’ll check out Green Arrow and Static Shock once they go cheap on the app store, but until then I can do without. The first issues may have been worth the purchase, but I stopped myself when I went to reach for issue two. We’ll add that to the bottom from now on if we think you should just wait till the book goes on sale to buy. Until later in this week, it’s clear sailing from here.