Trailer Time: Godzilla... Sadly I Have To Add 2014 At The End

Well I thought we'd try something different today and get a few reactions from the other contributors on the site. Let's start with that after you've watched the trailer.

I think it looks cool and like they're going in the right direction but the whole thing plays out like one big sizzle reel so there's not really much to go on to get a feel of the final product, except maybe the word epic. - Jordan North

Oh Hell Yes! Godzilla was such a part of my childhood that I was ready to go off in a bad way during the dismal 1998 version. This version looks to bring the "Monster" back to the "King of Monsters" The only thing missing is the eerie string section playing the old Godzilla theme. Oh Yeah! - James Anders II

I loved this trailer. I'm a big old-school Godzilla fan and this got the bioelectric backplates on my spine all aquiver. Knowing that it's an old trick of trailers not always repeated in the actual movie, I still really enjoyed how they set up a presence of real tension and scale, an absolute necessity in a movie like this, and one that can really only be accomplished by vetting it through the eyes of  the Everyman/woman character. Looks like this then will be suitably character-driven, but purely visually (not to mention audibly, thanks to Godzilla's iconic, chilling and here well-timed roar), this thing feels BIG (yup she DID say that), and I'm more psyched than ever for its release (she said that, too). - Steve Paugh

Could be a movie with Godzilla in it? Looks there will be people too! A must see for all fans of stuff! No, really, I'll see it. -Kevin Beckham

Gareth Edwards knows a few things about monsters. His 2010 film, Monsters, featured a couple escaping the giant alien invaded locales of Central America. Although flawed, the shoestring budgeted movie provided tension and mood in a militarized zone quarantined due to monster attacks. The movie streams on Netflix, and is time well spent.

The director switches gears for the American sophomore adaptation of Japan's beloved cinematic creature, Godzilla. The trailer opens with a scene involving military personnel doing a H.A.L.O. (high altitude low opening) parachute jump. A very creepy darkened sky opens where the soldiers fall. They come to land in the midst of a battle with a large, shadowy figure. I couldn't help but be reminded of the flight-suit jump of the soldiers in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. The rest is standard images of character reactions and running, with some additional destruction thrown in to unsettle the viewer. This trailer may pass as a war movie were it not for the appearance of Godzilla in the final parts.

The new Godzilla looks more the classical version, save for a snubbed nose and lack of forehead and nostrils. Sure, it doesn't look quite like Zilla, the star of the Matthew Broderick abomination. Yet this Godzilla looks as though it will take some warming up to get used to.

I have some faith in Gareth Edwards but even more so in Legendary pictures. With the company's guidance, this movie will end up being a great cinematic event. Like Pacific Rim, it won't appeal to everyone. Those who love it, however, will love it unquestionably (like they do Rim).

So let the speculation start as to who M.O.T.U. is, and who the other monsters are that Godzilla will fight. As for me, I am pleased with the trailer, but not entirely convinced. Don't hide anything at this point. Del Toro won me over by giving me kaiju and jaegers early and often. I hope the people behind Godzilla will do the same. - Carl Boehm

Was that Godzilla or Transformers... they look the same. - Dustin Cabeal

Now let's all take a moment and remember Godzilla 1998...