Viewster Partners with DEFY Media Bolstering its Branded Channels

Viewster, the worldwide video streaming service, today announces a partnership with DEFY Media, a leading digital producer and programmer for 13-34 year olds, to bring new content to its Branded Channels lineup with popular shows from the company’s leading web brands focused on gaming, SMOSH Games and The Escapist, as well as animation channel Shut Up! Cartoons. The new channel lineup features Shut Up! Cartoon’s hit SMOSH Babies, which follows the adventures of digital stars Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox as rambunctious toddlers, the award-winning anime and live action Oishi High School Battle and Honest Game Trailers from Streamy Award winner SMOSH Games.

"We are very proud to announce our partnership with digital heavyweight DEFY Media.” said Azadeh Stoelken, Director of Content for Viewster, Inc. “Their top digital brands present the best in gaming, animated shorts and comedy and are a perfect addition to our newly implemented branded programming on Viewster.”

New Branded Channels and shows include:

SMOSH Games featuring

  • Honest Game Trailers
  • Game Bang
  • Button Bash
  • Gametime

Shut Up! Cartoons featuring

  • Teleporting Fat Guy
  • Sub: 3
  • With Zombies
  • Paper Cuts
  • Life’s a Zoo
  • Just Shut Up
  • SMOSH Babies
  • Uberdude
  • Munroe
  • Dos and Don’ts
  • Oishi High School Battle

The Escapist featuring

  • Zero Punctuation
  • Unskippable
  • Casual Cosplay

Viewster launched its new Branded Channels segment in August, expanding its youth-oriented content with cutting edge animation, entertainment and gaming programming. All channels are available free worldwide through Viewster's advertising-supported desktop and mobile apps, with regular updates ensuring a consistent, fresh flow of content.