You Can Be Bruce Lee In UFC 2014

Whoa...just whoa. The creative director for the title, Brian Hayes had this to say about the biggest matrail arts icon being in the game:

"When we first heard that there was a possibility of adding Bruce Lee to the roster for EA Sports UFC everyone was excited at the prospect and more than a little nervous," art director Ian Lloyd wrote. "Nobody wants to tackle a legendary icon like this and mess it up.

"We had done a pretty exceptional job on our UFC roster to that point, with the majority having been scanned expressly for the game," Lloyd added. "A handful of fighters were being built-in the ‘traditional way' - using whatever reference we could get our hands on. Bruce would have to be built the same way."

You can play as Bruce right off the bat if you pre-order or you can do it by entering the flyweight, bantam weight, featherweight and lightweight divisions and finish the game's career mode on pro difficulty or higher. FUN!