You're Getting That Mega Man Table Top Game! Kickstarter Project Doubles Goal on First Day

Damn! That's a successful Kickstarter. So successful that you kind of wonder why the fuck its on there, but then you think about the licensing and that shit ain't cheap. At any rate, Jasco Games took to Kickstarter to fund their official (Meaning its licensed and approved by Capcom) table top Mega Man game. The goal? $70,000 bucks! Their first day haul? $150,000 and currently it's on its way to $200,000 with plenty of time to go. The crew is already adding stretch goals and new stuff to add, but the message here is clear... you're getting that Mega Man table top game you wanted! If you want to fund the project which is really a way of saying "I'm buying this shit first" then you can do so here.