It's Showtime! Sting Announced For WWE 2K15 Sure there's no game play but dude, it's fucking Sting! It's "Crow Sting" and more than likely "Surfer Dude Sting"! So that means black baseball bats, rafters and not having to download him off of a community build!! While it would be great to see him on the current WWE product in some fashion--maybe not so much as a wrestler but  in the role as a good will ambassador for the WCW content that is on the WWE network. Regardless, this has peaked my interest in the game. Even though we still haven't seen any game play or heard about any other new features this gets me pumped and could be one of the best pre-order incentives for any wresting fan from the 90's!

Pre-order by 10/28/14 because long hair "Crow Sting" kicks ass!