NYCC 11: Preview Night Impressions

I wish I could say that it was super exciting and just jammed packed with amazing stuff, but it was pretty basic. I'm not even sure why there was a preview night since anyone that spent any amount of time on the sales floor will probably have little reason to return. At any rate his my collection of random photos, I only saw really crappy cosplayers so I didn't even bother making them stop for a photo. Enjoy the commentary since that's going to be the best part hopefully. I think that this fake Spidey exists just so people can talk about the feet. Also enjoy that guy's head I love  causing a photo bomb!

Now you too can stand outside of Snake Eye's figure box!

All Legoy things, pretty cool.

And here's what they actually look like!


I don't know why they didn't just make a deal with  Lego's... then that arm would be so jacked up!

Be the Emperor!

Whoo! This looks good! Also I didn't know that it had the second game cleaned up as well!


These figs are always beautiful.

That's right, now you can make ice cubes or chocolates with frozen Han!

Hey Lady! Do something!

You want to know why this is here? Because otherwise no one would care or know that it exists! Mark me down for both.

People were lining up like crazy for Zelda... don't know why that game play look pretty bad.

This is here... I might play it.

Godzilla figs? Awesome.

Still awesome.

Agent Orange Fig, Nice!

Blackest Night/Birghtest Day figs that don't suck.

Still sucks!

BeetleJuice and The Crow from Earth Worm Jim... cool!

You might not be able to tell, but that's half Red Hulk and half Green Hulk... I'm thinking of getting one to burn.

This is cool, Maximum Carnage Mini-muggs!

You can be an Avenger or go over to Hasbro's booth and be Darth Vader in a box.

Yeah, because when I think of Thor, I think of a form sword...

This looks like someone was given a punch of figures to make a fight scene and they just said fuck it and used every figure given to them. Lame!

Well that's it for today I haven't slept in over 24 hrs so I'm going to pass out!