NYCC 11: Locke & Key Pilot Impressions

I’m sure a lot of people left the pilot wondering why Fox didn’t pick it up for Broadcast. They'll strike a likeness to the Walking Dead tv show and say the quality and acting was there. Well here’s why… budget! There is no way a normal network could support the show and it would have been cancelled instantly! If a cable channel picked it up it still would have been questionable for the same reason (I guarantee the second season of Walking Dead will see a smaller budget!). Still, it was a good adaptation. I heard one wannabe nerd taking issue with it saying it wasn't exact enough and he didn’t like the early reveals, but that’s the difference between TV and Comics. TV you need to hook the audience and give them a reason to come back and a drawn out mystery is the best way to do that. Personally I thought the reveals that they had were intelligent and that Scott Freeman really understood the source material enough to adapt and alter the plot line. There really was no reason to follow the comic 100%, because it would have been boring and had a lot of overlapping information that could easily been shown like they did in the episode. locke-and-key-350x318

As for the story the pilot follows the first six episodes of the original mini-series pretty close. It leaves out a lot of the character progression issues as it focuses on building the world and conflict. But the general story was not changed from the series. The acting was actually pretty good and the young kid playing Bode was perfectly casted. He captures the characters innocent like nature and is the only character that isn’t tainted by his father’s death. In general this pilot was really good, great effects and even better sets which gave it a great look. If I had one thing negative to say it would be that the way its handled is mostly only appealing to comic fans. I couldn't see my parents watching it weekly and enjoying the mystery. Will fan generated interest get the show a green light? Probably not, but again… the budget is going to kill this puppy in the long run, but another thing to consider is TV mini-series?