NYCC 11: Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man Panel

In general the panel basically kissed the butt of the Ultimate line and talked about the first three issues of each book. It mostly dealt with the issue of their being a new Spider-Man that some people still can’t get over. A character is a character and it’s the story that they’re in that makes them good. Several fans who claimed that they read all of the Ultimate comics since the beginning didn’t seem to understand the rules of the world and continued to ask if dead was dead and if previous events would be forgotten and Marvel had the same answer as always: Dead is dead and nothing is forgotten. Meaning everyone that died in Ultimatum is still dead and sadly that Ultimatum still happened. Really they didn’t talk about anything new or exciting coming up just that there were plans… no shit, after all the “Death of Ultimate Spider-Man” was talked about in a summit over a year ago I'm pretty sure they have plans. If you’ve ever attended a Marvel panel then this was exactly like all of them are. Boring and the same information that’s been presented months ago given over and over again. The sad part is that only the artists of the books were present and none of them could speak of the stories they were working on. Probably because it’s out of their pay grade and they’re just the pencillers. I don't care what you say they don't do art, they do what their told. This is how corporate Marvel has become that they basically assign whatever artist they want to a book and basically tell them to get the job done.


I wish I could say that the questions got any better, but as I said most of them were stupid or just ignorant. Some weren’t even questions as it became a public forum of praise for the line and the new Spider-Man.Particularly disgusting was the panel moderators dig at the DC Reboot, which love it or hate it worked for the company. It seemed childish and stupid from a company that’s rebooted every series that’s made it over 500 or 600 this year.By the end of the panel I wondered why the hell I was at this panel. It had no personality and what little it had, was annoying (Ultimate Line Editor I’m talking about you). They presented no information or insight and really anyone could have gotten more out of reading the solicits in Preview then at this panel. So what did I get out of it? A “I Spider-man Marvel” pin with the new Ult Spidey logo… I got two so who wants one?