NYCC 11: DC Green Lantern Panel

This will probably be a waste of my time, but here we go anyways. I will say that the crowd is bigger for GL then for the Ultimate Line which leaves me wondering why so many people are still excited for GL? Let’s hopefully find out. Also there are a lot of surprises aka spoilers that they revealed so you've been warned! Bob Wayne (Sales VP) and Brian Cunningham (GL Editor) are on deck. They’re bringing up Johns to talk shop about GL (lots of claps). Split the dynamic of how Hal and Sinestro operate. He knew Sinestro couldn’t give it back. Issue three sets up the next big storyline for all of the Green Lantern books. Hal gets his ring back in issue three SPOILER! We will see Sinestro have fun with the ring and teach Hal to do something with the ring that no other lantern knows how to do.


Animated series. Bruce Timm is in charge of everything. The first year is all about the Red Lanterns. Larsfleeze has an episode in the series. There’s a comic to tie-in to the series from the Tiny Titans team.Johns just gave cosplayers a challenge to dress up as an mad ball looking character. Literally I heard twenty people all say "Challenge Accepted." In general Johns looks tired and is not his usual talkative self.

Bringing out Peter Tomasi to talk about GL Corps. What’s the biggest challenge of working on Corps and the new 52? None what so ever he says. Johns interrupts and says that Pete calls him every day complaining about it. Says it’s a fine line to get the new and the old “eyeballs” and that everything is accessible to readers.Showing the splash on issue two one character gets really upset about the two dead lanterns. Compliments to the artist. The bad guys are the “Keepers” and they’ve been in charge of the power batteries of the GL and they’re not happy that the Guardians took them away. Spoiler there for you. Decided to go “Call of Duty” on the first issues and then will dial it back.


New Guardians now with Tony Bernard. Says it’s a great opportunity to explore the different cultures and approaches to the different corps. Kyle is a great character to bring these characters together because he’s more emotional and that he’s capable of doing things across the spectrum that no other lantern can. As per the norm, they’re showing the pages of the book. Johns came up with the last scene of the first issue and the mystery will go on through the first year of the book. Kyle heads back to OA to find out why this is happening and what he discovers is worse than dealing with all of the corps attacking at once.


Red Lantern now, they start off with a Cosplayer dressed as Atrocitus holding a fake Dex-star crossing the stage. Milligan isn’t here so the editor is talking. The mantra going into the book is an eye for an eye and then some. We’ll get involved more with the other characters and their tragedies that lead to them to becoming Red Lanterns. They have no other info so it’s more cosplayers Bleez. She’ll become Attrocitus’ first in command. Probably just so Bene's has a pretty girl to draw.


Bob asks how much interaction do the writers have with each other? What they’ve been doing with the launch is make sure they all stand on their own, but know what each other is doing. They talk a lot to each other basically. They’re all meeting tomorrow while in the same city. They’ll be talking about the bigger story that they’re building to, but first they want to develop the characters again. Meaning they’re taking a break before slamming us with another event.

Talking about the DVD for GL… I don’t know why they would bring that up. Apparently the director’s cut is better… yeah right. Johns is talking about Brian and how he loves to work with a good editor. Because he’s so mellow when you surprise him you know it’s something good. Hal and Sinestro’s dynamic is what the book is going to be focusing on for a while.

Johns put a lock down on Larfleeze because he wanted to write him, but he’s in New Guardians #4 and when he finally returns to GL and he’ll have his oath revealed. No time frame really though probably a year at least I’m guessing.


Guy dressed up like a Guardian.

Will Sinestro show any admiration for his dead friends ring.Yes, but no one will see it.

Cowboy coming back? Probably. (Let’s hope not since she hasn’t worked in the series since "One Year Later.")

Are we going to get any other origin stories for characters that may not be in the book?

Maybe a little, but basically to develop their corps’personalities so you know how they deal with an event.

Second arc of the Green Lantern book is called “Secret Origin of the Indigo Tribe.”

Guy dressed as Guy Gardner asking where’s g'Nork – John’s he was rebooted out of the line.

Atrocitus guy asks if they’ll sign his cat.

Any more animal lanterns, Johns… maybe one more.

With the reboot how long has Kyle been a lantern… 2 years.

Is the Sinestro Corp still called the Sinestro Corp? Johns says it will be address when Hal and Sinestro take

on the Corp. Spoiler!

Guy asks what they honestly think about the movie and it’s negative reception. Johns says they wanted to be as successful as Titanic, but it got the character out there and made a lot of kids fans of the character.Basically nothing negative was said and people actually cheered for the movie…I think they need to watch it again.

We’ll see where the white ring went and they’ll be inserting the other crap back into the book soon enough!

Guy asking if earth will have a red lantern? Short answer…yes, besides Dex-star.

Johns is announcing the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special,like the Star Wars special. Surprise!

Now were watching a dog dressed up in GL costume… and the owner gets a copy of the War of the Green

Lanterns hard copy… pointless.

Someone asking why Saint Walker was picked for New Guardians and not a lesser known Blue Lantern? Liked his interaction with Kyle and wanted to surprise you with the character. Also Syad will play a big role in New G.

Will Kyle have a new GF? Still up in air, but the best fan response I heard was “For her sake I hope not!” and someone yelled refrigerator.

Some guy apparently didn’t understand that they’re not going to cross the books over any time soon and asked when they’re going to cross the books over… stupid. Take note and don’t ask dumb questions like this people!Also it’s too early to talk about it if they did have plans so they wouldn’t tell you!

Last question is about the Indigo tribe and Black Hand and if he's still alive and dies again does that reset everything and start the Blackest Night again, they gave a bullshit answer but I have to say it's something I've considered as well. After all it was one of their most successful events. Well that's all I'm off to get my free Wayne Casino poker chip!