NYCC 11: Superman Panel

I have to pee so if my notes come across un-interested or rushed you now know why. Also they’re playing 80’s music which I’m sure half of the crowd is too young to know. Bob Wayne is doing some rounds talking to people in the crowd… looks like press people maybe. My question to him is where’s Dan to stir the pot? The crowd isn’t as big as it was for Justice League which is strange considering its Superman. I haven’t heard if Grant Morrison is here or not, but if it is I expect angry questions. Also I'm pretty tired so excuse any typos or grammar mistakes... or don't either way I'm not fixing it! SUPERMAN-EARTH-1-VOL-2COVER_asjdhfa8w790525ljkhaslduf6a7s98df679asd7lksag-661x1024

Grant isn’t here, but they’ve added stuff that wasn’t planned… sure. Superman Earth One volume two. Shane Davis is here. Fall 2012 for the second volume… that seems long. Shane says that real men wear their underwear on the outside. The cover is basically Supes standing over some burning bodies and doesn’t look a thing like the first volume cover. Deals with what damage he can do, where his authority begins and ends and his love life.Thanks the fans for the New York Times bestseller list. Instead of Romance and Adventure he says it’ll be more Sex and Violence… PG-13 rated. Says he was working on a Tsunami scene when the incident in Japan happened. More spoilers,but basically Supes is dealing with what he can do and cannot do. Parasite is going to be the villain and he starts off as a serial killer which is a very different take. Parasite is going to be power mad and not a gluten, but an addict. Basically the most powerful man has his hands tied and that the world is too complicated for him to solve all of the problems. Davis is rambling and needs to be cut off.

Now for 52 stuff.

Action #5 is Supes origin and the new take on it. Andy Kubert is the artist for the issue.

Steel Suit plays out differently than in past take. Gene Ha helps out on the flashbacks for issue #3 (probably to help with the art delay) They’re show the new Krypto and he’s bad ass looking and also dead. There is a different threat that is threatening Krypton.


Supergirl – Co-writer and artist come out. They have a more of a clean slate for her and not hindered by the past. They’re keeping the circumstances of her arrival a mystery. Sounds like they’re going to take the good from the past. Showing the cover to #5… interesting. Argo city is where the fifth issue takes place. Issue two sees distrust between Supergirl and Superman and they fight. She knocks him through a tree. In issue four they explain why she was able to spring out and be more powerful than Supes. Art is going to change style to his market style that he’s used to.


Superboy now I’m going to guess the cover for issue 4 is being shown. No real info other than what was obviously established in the first issue.


Moderator asks if Doomsday will be introduced… short answer yes, when they’re ready.

Bringing up Dan Jurgens who’s going to take over on Superman. The cover they’re showing is terrible. Half fire and half ice and a close up on his face. Jurgens is talking about his constants of the character and Jurgens will be drawing which I guess means he’s leaving Green Arrow for Superman.I hope that GA gets a better artist then…


Asking about Earth One Supes costume… who cares… seriously he’s still talking and has said nothing.

Someone asks about the continuity of Supes and if the old stuff will be revisited… stock answers nothing good.

Someone asks if Absolute All-Star Superman is coming out…it’s been out for almost a year.

Why such a radical change for Superboy (apparently isn’t watching Young Justice)… took the risk like they have on a lot of other characters.

These questions suck and the answers suck and the mic guykeeps adding on to the answers and I wish he would shut up.

Guy asks if Earth One books are considered Elseworlds. Basically that it’s like a movie off on its own but in comic format.

How did they resist not rebooting Action Comics, there was a time when they weren’t going to reboot

Action and Detective Comics, but that the reboot wasn’t going to work unless it was an all or nothing.

Supergirl question… are we going to see Supergirl and Wonder Woman “go at it.” Sounds like fan response will make it happen.

Some jack ass asked what the panel is enjoying from the new 52… seriously? Like they’re not going to answer all of them. Oh big surprise they’re all reading everything. Also Dan Jurgens is one of the DC guys that gets all the books in print. Big surprise the artists didn’t have time to read anything.

Next eight months of the books is already planned which is good to know… I doubt that includes the art.

Davis is doing the covers for Superboy starting issue 3,also he’s read ahead in the book.

Good plug for I,Vampire and that the book will surprise people. Crowd doesn’t seem to know the book.

Some jackass asks if the Eradicator is coming back and then pitches his new version of him. No… not bringing him back and limiting how much Krypton stuff is introduced.

(Hopefully they lock the shit down and not water it down.BOOM!)

Lady is asking if they’re will be more Flashpoint stories…answer is doubtful.

Why is George Perez leaving the book… joke answer, because of you. George is leaving for another project and didn’t have as much in the tank for Superman.

How long is the new superman costume going to last with the jeans and shirt? Has a definite end point which should be obvious. We’re going to see proto characters that aren’t polished.

How do we know that the 52 stuff is going to stick? Short answer this is what we’re doing and the amount of money invested and its success has it staying. There’s no back door escape for it, so this is it. Some reference to the Star Trek reboot and them not getting grief. Really sounds like they’re losing the crowd.

Which version of superman do they prefer? God they need toplant a question or something this shit is boring. Stock answers pick your own.

What’s the biggest obstacle that Superman has to get over?No answer…

Asking if Gen 13 is going to be introduced by Katlin Fairchild and Nowhere? Not going to answer it which is probably a yes.

Justice League and Action Comics are set five years in the past… that’s new! Way to let that slip!

Some old guy is asking if they’re going to do a Batman/Superman World’s Finest Book. No.

Last Question: Asking what will happen with Lois and Jimmy in the books… a fan yelled out read the book which is the only right answer to a stupid question. I’m not going to bother writing the stock answers given by the panel. Seriously this was the worst Q&A I’ve been to for DC, felt like I was at a Marvel panel these questions are so bad.