Review: Constantine #3

Review by Connor Russell

I really enjoyed the first two issues of Constantine and well, issue three didn't disappoint me. The words “weird” or “strange” can generally be related to a story that revolves around magic and this is where we finally get to start seeing that. It’s definitely something I want to see more of. On with the review!

John Constantine finds himself going to London to recover the lens, the third part to a magic compass that all the big bad magicians want. When he arrives, there is a curse that's affecting him, slowly killing him. Meeting up with a friend in her curse protected car (naturally) they get shunted into some alternate dimension magical labyrinth thing where there is a really bizarre creature. Our protagonist talks the creature into letting them leave. Upon arriving where the lens is Mister E. and Sargon the Sorceress are waiting because they can't figure out how to find the lens. Of course Constantine knows, but will he tell them?

Constantine_3_CV_1The writing is tackled by two people. They are Jeff Lemire (as I've mentioned, I am a fan of his) and Ray Fawkes (doing the heavier duties like the script writing and bringing it altogether). It’s only been three issues but I have enjoyed it so far. I like the pacing and the slow exposure to the weird and strange (there's those words) world that is commonplace to the life of John Constantine. Constantine, as a character, is written differently. Normally the writer would want a reader to sympathise with the character but he is written in a way where I can't decide how I feel about him. It’s not so simple, he's not just some nice guy or a prick, you just don't know.

I really like the art in this book, done by Renato Guedes. He has a crisp but gritty art style that suits the narrative to a tee. He pays close attention to clothes, more-so than a lot of artists I've seen, guess it comes down to style but it works. Just Google his name and you'll see what I mean. Art is one thing, but when it’s accompanied by good coloring then it looks even better. Marcelo Maiolo continues the colors, I'm not very good at describing things like this, but seriously just have a look.

I've enjoyed what's been put out so far and I hope this creative team sticks around for a while longer because I quite enjoy it. Yes I say this as a new reader to the character but what of it? I enjoy what is in front of me and what I read impresses me, and that's all that matters.

Score: 4/5

Writers: Jeff Lemire, Ray Fawkes Artist: Renato Guedes Publisher: DC Comics Price: $2.99 Released: 5/8/13