Super Power Beat Down - Superman vs Thor... Guess Who Won?

Previous installments of Super Hero Beat Down have been... adequate. The thing about them is that I'm not sure that the people picking the characters from the big two actually know what they're doing. The first one I watched paired Wolverine against Batman... yeah, a normal dude against a guy who can come back to life from a drop of his own blood. If you can't figure out who won then search the site for the video.

In this awkward pairing, Superman who has arguably the cheesiest power set faces off against Thor... who has like two things going for him and neither of them on par with Supes. What annoyed me was that Thor acts like a roid-raging douche and basically just uses lightning the entire time. Superman on the other hand used his flight, breathe and laser eyes. I mean I get that the budget is probably zero, but Superman can do a lot more than blow a guy. If you're interested in just seeing the fighting and not the pathetic attempt at producing a story then start at the five-minute mark. The opening is mostly people you don't want to hear from talking about the fight you already know the outcome to.