Review: The Deep Sea (One-Shot)

Review by: Connor Russell Stories involving the seas are something that has always intrigued me. I think a main reason to this is that even though we aspire to push as far as we can go away from our own planet, there are still so many mysteries under the surface of our doorstep. Even though the oceans may be a focal point to a story, any genre can use it as a canvas so you don't know what you may get.

The story would most likely fit into the mystery genre with a turn of almost horror towards the end. An elderly man by the name of Paul Barry has been approached by some people to come out and meet them on a ship from his past. Paul then narrates his story, a young team of deep sea scientists were descending in a diving bell (he was meant to go as well, but injured his leg), something happened, ripping off the crane and they were reported dead fifty five years prior. Or so the world thought, turns out those young scientists have been found and nothing about them has changed since that day. Paul reconnects with his old love and the ship then comes under attack from a giant monster, with reports it has happened to all ships in the area.

The Deep Sea #1 CoverJimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray were the writers for this comic. Although I found the pacing to be done quite well and the story interesting, I found it difficult to feel any connection or sympathy for Paul (telling his sad story) and the shock his old team were clearly going through with all the changes. Something about the way these characters were written and the showing of their emotions just didn't feel right.

Tony Akins was the man behind the wheel for art duties. His art is good to look at and generally consistent throughout the issue although sometimes his quality drops with faces, whether close-up or from a distance. But these are just subtle things and don't really do anything in bringing the book down, I'm just nit-picking. Paul Mounts was in charge of colors for this book. It works well with the art and the issue as a whole.

My main problem with The Deep Sea is even though it says it is a one-shot, it isn't really. At the end it says “End. (for now)”. This slightly annoys me because it isn't truly a one-shot and self-contained story; it’s obviously going to lead into a graphic novel or mini-series. Just do it as that; an issue one or the first chapter for a graphic novel. Sorry I'm nitpicking again. I am interested in seeing where the story is going to go and I will continue to read it. Check it out.

Score: 3/5

Writers: Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray Artist: Tony Akins Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $2.99 Released: 5/22/13