Review: The Sixth Gun #31

I love westerns and this story right now is my number one series. It’s not just gunslingers, thieves and lawmen, but packed with more elements. So put on your cowboy hat boots and saddle you horse and enjoy the ride. Becky is being hunted by Skinwalkers while she’s in the spirit realm. They have hunted her down killing her spirit animal and now corner her in the caverns. Becky doesn’t go down easy using everything at her disposal except the six because it is powerless here.  As she strays from the path the perils increase, but she has help to survive. The six appear in all shape and size not just as guns, but any weapon like axes and clubs.

Drake is expressing his concern about Becky’s life as she has appeared to him. The tribe and elders can’t protect her from the Skinwalkers in the spirit realm only from the physical. Now the crew is off for their next mission the help Becky survive by going to the camp of the Skinwalkers. Confronting them there will save Becky’s life. Drake is still too sick for travel and has to stay behind. Drake’s concern is that he doesn’t want to stay in case they fail and he might have to take possession of Becky’s gun. Gord reassures Drake that it’s the right attitude to have in case he has too.

The Sixth Gun #31 (1)This story is well told; from its panels, dialog and the narrative. Each has a purpose and doesn’t feel out of place. Drake’s dialog is what you expect from a hardened man on the trail in the west; rough and taking on the world. The panels that are pure action for Becky remind me of one of the first Six Gun I read, telling a story with no words and progressing it further because of it. The narrative is used well in Becky’s story to move it along to help explain for some new readers who just might have picked this up out of interest.  It was a little slow at the beginning, but then made my jaw drop wanting more.

The colors stand out in this issue separating the spirit and real realms.  The Spirit Giant chasing Becky just captures my attention with his haunting face to the detail in his fingers. The way he anticipates every move like he’s right in step with Becky.

I can’t express how fun it is to read this book. It’s full of action, moves along well, and has a character you just have to root for. Pick this up now it’s only the second book in the story arc and you can pick it up right away without missing a beat.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Cullen Bunn Artist: Brian Hurtt Publisher: Oni Press Price: $3.99 Release Date: 5/22/13