Review: TMNT #50 – Treasury Edition

This book caught my eye because of a few things: 1) I’m a huge Turtle fan and 2) it shows the building of the book with Eastman and Laird. It’s interesting how you can see the ideas come together and the changes that hit the final page even down to the shading of people. This issue is a spotlight on the City Wars Saga #1 with line drawings by Eastman and the ideas he has given.

The story background is that Casey is leaving for home after being rejected by April several times and April is heading to live with her sister in L.A. for a change of scenery. The Turtles are finding a new place to live in New York, but the most interesting part here is the rouge Foot agent that lives in his secret hideout under the bridge.  He is an elite Foot soldier who has broken away from the clan. The Foot tries to ambush this Elite member and get their asses handed to them. Amongst the entire heart break, moving and fighting you keep cutting back to Nathan and a bomb planted in an adult store. The timer is slowly ticking down. I don’t know who Nathan is I was just reading off the note made in the book. I’m assuming he is an old super hero or part of the fractured Foot Clan.

The issue is filled with notes and ideas amongst every page.  The other part in the back is the whole story arc lined out issue by issue.  The book starts out line drawing and concepts. To final drawings that end in the issue. I enjoyed it to see how a comic I love comes together and how artist and writer work.  This isn’t going to be a book for reading more for a fan and interest of how stories and art come together in the world of comics. They even show the shading and from a before image to the final image after the line drawing was taken to final design. The one thing is does well its shows the story without dialog and narration boxes. I have always admired a story that could be told just with pictures and this on does.

This is a rare and fun book to see how certain books are put together and how writer work to get there story across making it worth a purchase.