Review: Witch Doctor Malpractice #6

Dr. Morrow wraps up his latest house call that included getting a magical venereal disease and coming head to head with witches and other nasty monsters.  Penny got captured, the Doctor made some deals that may be costly later on, and the jokes rolled all along.

The last issue starts with Morrow getting blasted out a window, Penny going berserker on the witches, and Eric using the Surgeons to his advantage.

Nostrum and Morrow battle at the reservoir where the climax reaches an apex that is both startling and amazing.  You will never see this outcome coming, and that’ why I love the hell out of this comic book.

And, yes, while this does end this story arc, the last page leaves a tempting finish while keeping Morrow’s world wide open to all new adventures.

Lukas Ketner’s artwork has never fallen below great for this run.  I appreciate his attention to spooky detail and shadowing.  Most entertaining are the facial expressions on the characters that Ketner captures so well.  Even before reading the panel one will know what to expect due to Ketner’s talent.

I will say that the one fault of the entire run was that the story line seemed spread too thin over six issues.  This would have been a taut, fun adventure at four. 

Although this hasn’t been the best Witch Doctor storyline, it has been good fun.  If you missed the series, please get the trade paperback.

Only a matter of time remains before this series gets picked up for a television or movie deal.  And it deserves it. 

Score: 4/5

Writer: Brandon Seifert

Artist: Lukas Ketner

Publisher: Skybound and Image Comics

Price: $2.99

Release Date: 4/24/13