Worst Movies of 2015 #4

You can't have the "Best" without the "Worst" so in typical Comic Bastards fashion we're bringing you the worst movies of 2015. Yeah we're steadily into the new year, but let's not forget what made for some painful cinema last year. Also, we could only pick the movie's we've seen. So if something isn't on our list and you're surprised... don't be. That means it was so bad we didn't even waste our time.


CAMERON: Hot Pursuit

Nothing is more annoying than Sofia Vergara yelling non-stop and Reese Witherspoon’s horrible southern accent. But it gets worse. Hot Pursuit, felt like an excuse to use to use very well-known actresses, in a pointless and plotless “Drug Cartel” style film. I think Sofia Vergara is hilarious in Modern Family, but this was beyond bad. Her entire role in this film was yelling and complaining to the point where I was thinking of shutting it off during important scenes. Without a plot, and ANNOYING acting, this film flops to my number #4 spot.


DAVE: Fantastic Four

It’s beginning to look like The Fantastic Four might be cursed. Ten years after Fox’s first poorly received attempt to kick-start a film franchise, they gave it another go. Initial signs were promising with a decent enough cast including up-and-comers like Kate Mara and Michael B. Jordan and a young director that had produced in interesting spin on the superhero genre with the low-budget Chronicle.

All that promise was for nought, though, as the 2015 version proved to be somehow worse than the 2005 vintage. It slogged through an origin story we’ve all heard a thousand times (and seen onscreen at least once before) takes ages to set up any kind of conflict and then sputters and coughs to an apologetic stop. Last time, Fantastic Four got an unwanted sequel, but it seems any plans for that have been scrapped. No matter what the rumours of behind-the-scenes shenanigans might suggest, there’s no real excuse for a film this bad to be made from this source material. Shall we all have another go in 10 years?


DUSTIN: Hitman: Agent 47

They need my blood to make more like me… but they’ve made a better version so… why the fuck do they need me? That’s the basic idea of this movie. There was some okay action. There were a lot of nods to the game which were nice, but the story was shit. The story was a fucking mess and so mediocre that you could watch it on mute. A girl tracks down her father that’s been off the grid and she doesn’t realize that that plays right into the hands of the people who want to find him? Wat? This movie proved that Hollywood isn’t ready for video game movies and that we’re a was off from them taking over for comic book movies.